Ext2fs Undeletion of Directory Structures mini-HOWTO


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Here I will describe a straight forward way of recovering whole directory structures, instead of file by file, that have been removed by a misplaced "rm -rf".

This document is supposed to be as an complementary to the "Ext2fs-Undeletion mini-HOWTO" written by Aaron Crane. I really recommend you to carefully study that one before reading this.

Ext2fs Undeletion of Directory Structures mini-HOWTO, v0.1.1, 14 November 2000. Read online.
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I have made a small program in C to automate some steps described in the document. The program takes as input a directory dump (created by debugfs). The output (at stdout) consist of each entrys inode number and filename.

e2dirana (ext2fs directory analyse), v0.3pre, 19 August 2001, change log.
Thanks to the following persons for added features and bug fixes (in alphabetic order): Anik Rahman, Sascha Rogmann, Gilbert Roulot
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Tomas Ericsson
Updated: December 7, 2002